Croatia, Serbia: Power utility Croatia HEP seeks compensation from Serbian Power utility EPS for old investments in TPP Nikola Tesla

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Electric Power Industry of Croatia (HEP) has started the claims resolution from Electric Power Industry of Serbia (EPS), based on investment in Thermal power plant Obrenovac and mine Tamnava, during the 70s, according to the published data; it is the equivalent amount of today’s 120 MEUR.

As published in the Croatian Official Gazette, HEP has decided to engage in this case a lawyer from Zagreb, former president of the Croatian Bar Association Leo Andreis and its partners.

Without the tender invitation, HEP entered into an agreement with Andreis worth 62 thousand EUR to complete the legal analysis and legal support during the negotiations.

HEP claims for the construction of Obrenovac power plants are based on the credit contract which settled HEP in its entirety, according to previously published information, it is the amount of the equivalent of today’s 120 MEUR, and still undelivered 22 terawatts of electricity, which, according to the agreement, HEP had the right to buy at a discount price, reports

For years, there have been talks about the opening of legal proceedings to resolve these claims, modeled on the Slovenian Electric Power Industry, which is similar to the process launched at the International Centre for Disputes Resolution in Washington, according to the newspaper.

The initiative, as claimed in HEP, has been repeatedly started, but lawyers’ involvement is a new sign of activity on the exercise of contractual rights.

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