Bosnia: Japanese “Hitachi” and the China consortium “Gezhuba-Guandong” project partners in Block 7 in TPP “Tuzla”

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In the second stage of the selection of a project for joint investment partner in the project of Block 7 in TPP “Tuzla”, “Electric Power Industry of BiH” had done the evaluation of bids received, and “Hitachi Ltd.” Japan and the consortium “China” (“Gezhouba Group Co., Ltd.” – “Lider GEDI” – “Guangdong Electric Power Design Institute”) were bids selected that were shortlisted for the negotiation phase.

Based on the results obtained by negotiation (competitive dialogue), activities have been initiated to prepare a new tender document for the third phase of the proceedings in which a final, binding and best offer shall be selected. The third stage of the selection procedure of the project partner will provide all necessary technical and financial elements that will enable high-quality elaboration and adoption of a final decision on the selection of project partner.

“Electric Power Industry of BiH” was ordered to continue activities related to the selection of project partner, in accordance with applicable laws and regulations governing this area, by the conclusions of the Government and Parliament of the Federation of BiH. For all further steps in the selection process and their progress, “Electric Power Industry of BiH” shall regularly inform the Ministry of Energy, Mining and Industry.

Source; Serbia Energy See desk

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