Bosnia: Oil imports from Croatia, who is who on the importers market

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In the first nine months of this year the Federation Bosnia and Herzegovina imported 474.126 tons of petroleum products, which is about 5.5% over the same period last year, when it imported 449.425 tons, according to data from the Federal Ministry of Trade.

Most petroleum products were imported from Croatia – 344.621 tons, which is 72.69% of total imports, followed by Italy 65.855 tons or 13.89%, Serbia 27.332 or 5.76%, and so on.

Serbia is ranked among the major exporters of petroleum products for Bosnia and Herzegovina, getting there before Slovenia.

From the refinery in Bosanski Brod or another supplier from the RS, 197.692 tons of oil products were purchased, which is about 2.15% less, compared to the same period last year.

Most products were purchased from “Optima Group” from Banja Luka, around 92.72% (183 295 tons), while the other quantities of petroleum products were supplied by the company “Reunion” from Banja Luka, “Super Petrol” Banja Luka”, “Niskogradnja” Laktasi, and directly from the refinery in Bosanski Brod.

The largest importer of petroleum products in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina is still “Holdina” with 357.440 tons or 75.39%, followed by “Petrol-Oil” Sarajevo with 63.053 or 13.30%, and “Hifa-Oil” from Tesanj with 19.846 or 4.19%, and the “G-Petrol” Sarajevo (former OMV) with 5 tonnes or 3.71%. On the list of top five importers there is no “Energopetrol” which has been one of the leading importers until now.

Source; Serbia Energy See desk

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