Bosnia: New TPP Stanari will export electricity to region of SEE

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The thermal power plant Stanari started with the delivery of first MW in the beginning of January onto the energy network of Bosnia and Herzegovina. These deliveries are the start of the final testing phase that will last for several months. UK company EFT is the owner of newly build TPP Stanari.


-Test work has started on January 4, and first synchronization and delivery to the network lasted only six hours as planned while 420 MW hours was produced. In the next test phase the power plant will be operating in full capacity with the power of 301 MW hours. The dynamics of production during the test phase depends exclusively on the ending of planned testing. For now we had expected minor problems, but the main parts of the power plant function perfectly. Realization of the complete project of the construction of the new thermal power plant Stanari is going faster than the projected dynamics and ahead of defined deadlines, the Media Relations Service of EFT TPP Stanari said for Oslobodjenje.

The construction of TPP Stanari is completed, and the total value of the project is a little bigger than 560 million euro, which includes the construction of the thermal power plant and development of the mine of necessary capacity. Thermal power plant Stanari is of integrated capacity of 300 MW with planned annual production of 2000 GW hours and yearly consumption of 2.3 million tons of coal.

-During the test phase TPP produces electricity and sends it to the grid. We believe that commercial operation will start from May or June and that the test phase will be completed. TPP Stanari obtained the trading and supply permit in the territory of BIH and they got the international trade permit as well. The plan was since there are surpluses of electricity in BIH, to sell the energy in the region of South-East Europe, where they need it most, it was said from this company.

Environmental standards

Minister of industry, energy and mining of RS Petar Đokić said before that the Government of the Republic Srpska can give full support through representatives in other companies and regulatory bodies on the level of RS and BIH, to the normal process of the testing operation in EFT Rudnik and thermal power plant Stanari. Đokić said that the Thermal power plant will significantly improve the structure of industrial production in RS, increase the energy balance and provide a new and more quality development of the economy of RS.

After the completion of the project, Thermal power plant and Mine Stanari will employ around 950 workers and it will be the first power plant in the region of South-East Europe whose operation will be fully in accordance with the technological and environmental standards of EU, which is why there are no risks of pollution in the surrounding local communities.

Let us remind you, that the company named EFT Rudnik and Thermal power plant Stanari operates since January 2008 and the project in Stanari is the biggest investment in the energy sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the last three decades, transmits

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