Macedonia: Tetovo and Gostivar gasification investment project

, SEE Energy News

Pološki region should be gasified in three years as it can be concluded on the basis of the recently announced tender of the state company „Macedonian energy resources“ for the construction of the main gas pipeline Skoplje – Tetovo – Gostivar.

According to the announcement, for this infrastructure project there will be 30.8 million euro allocated not including VAT.

Construction work should be realized within 36 months. The project is being financed from a loan of 90 million euros, which is provided by Deutsche Bank and Erste Group.

With the gasification of Tetovo, it is expected that many manufacturing plants in the region get cheaper energy, while resolving the problem of high pollution of the city. The possibility for the extension of the gas pipeline to TPP Bitola opens, while in the recent years the experts have been examining the possibility of modernization and turning it into a combined power plant.

Bringing gas to Tetovo and Gostivar is a part of the first phase of the project of the gasification of the country, which began with the construction of the main gas pipeline from village Klecčovce to Štip.

In parallel with the operations in the field, the company Macedonian Energy Resources has announced a tender for the construction of gas pipeline Štip – Negotino, which should enable the connection of the thermal power plant Negotino.

Construction companies interested in participating in the tender should submit the documentation until March 10, when the public opening of bids is scheduled, transmits