Bosnia: Oil market, Who owns the most gas stations in the Federation BIH ?

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In the Federation there are 623 registered gas stations, which are included in the system of supervision and control of the trade in petroleum products, according to data from the Federal Ministry of Trade.

Energopetrol 57 has most of gas stations and they are distributed throughout the Federation BIH.

Holdina, daughter-company of Croatian INA, has 39 gas stations.

Among the other major players HIFA Petrol Oil Tešanj and TI Oil Bila stand out, as they own 29 gas stations.
While HIFA is largely represented in the central part of BiH and Tuzla Canton, TI Oil is strongly present in Central Bosnia Canton and Herzegovina, but it is present  in other parts of the country (for example two gas stations in Zenica).

A subsidiary of the Slovenian Petrol – Petrol BH Oil Company – owns 26 petrol stations and it is also present in a substantial part of BIH.

An important player in the Federation of BIH is G-Diesel, who took over OMV’s facilities and now has 21 gas stations, five of them in Sarajevo.

Nestro Petrol, which began to spread in BIH Federation only a few years ago, already has 10 gas stations. The Čavkunović company has the same number of gas stations distributed in Bihac and other cities of the Una-Sana Canton.

Other entities in the retail of petroleum products are mostly local players, who each have four to five gas stations, and there is also a large number of those who have two or only one gas station, transmits

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