Bosnia: Power company EPBiH delays Wind park Podvelezje for 2016

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Building Wind park Podvelezje was supposed to start in the last, and to be completed this year. However, work has not begun yet and it is not known when it will exactly start. Mostar Mayor Ljubo Beslic has recently warned BiH Electric Power Industry that if it does not start with the building in the first six months of this year, it could be left without the necessary permits.

The obligation of the project realization of VPP Podvelezje construction was overtaken by the concluded concession contract between the Government of the Herzegovina-Neretva Canton and PE BiH Electric Power Industry. The contract gives the option to alter the contract conditions, with the consent of the parties.
BiH Electric Power Industry launched an initiative to the Ministry of Economy of Croatian National Theatre in early December 2014th for the conclusion of the annex to the main concession agreement, which would prolong the deadline for the construction of VPP Podvelezje until December 31st, 2016th.

From BiH Electric Power industry note that in 2015th was planned selection of contractors and commencement of construction work on the internal network of roads, power stations, as well as connecting lines with a length of about 2.3 kilometers.
It is planned tenders announcement in the first quarter of 2015th for selection the wind aggregates suppliers, whose obligation is making the main project of VPP, equipment transport, foundations construction, and equipment installation and testing after construction.
Completion of the process of contractors’ selection is expected in the third quarter of 2015th.

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