Bosnia: Power company HZHB adopts 2014-2016 business plan

, SEE Energy News

“HZ HB Electric Power Industry” adopted a three-year business plan. According to the energy balance, the electricity production is planned in the following amounts: 1,680 GWh in 2014th and by 1,650 GWh of electricity for 2015th and 2016th, according to a statement from the company.

Collection of debts for delivered electricity as one of the important factors of financial stability of the Company for the three-year period 2014th – 2016th is expected in percentage of 97% of the total invoiced electricity.

Besides the power balance, the billing plan and collection of electricity and financial plan, this three-year business plan includes a plan of employees, investments, loan repayment, and other items according to the legal regulations in force and all international standards constitute the economic plan of the Company as HZ HB Electric Power Industry, according to a statement from the company.

The adoption of a three-year business plan of “HZ HB Electric Power Industry” was supported by 100% of present shareholders of the Company.