Bosnia: Power utility company invested 80MEUR in coal mines modernization

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In the last three years Electro power industry of Bosnia, so far invested 80MEUR in investments, modernization of new equipment, stated Elvedin Grabovica, Director of EP BIH.

In previous period there were no investments whatsoever. So rock burst, as I was taught by competent men, can’t be foreseen or prevented. Even if we had invested double the amount, it is questionable if this accident could have been prevented, stated Grabovica.

He added that EP BIH will keep on investing, work on humanization of work by substituting manual into mechanical work, and procurement of new equipment.

We hope that accidents will diminish, but certain things cannot be avoided, no matter how much money you invest, stated Grabovica.
He announced temporary closing of Zenica’s mine’s wing that is inclined to rock bursts, which means stopping all works until competent professionals say their opinion.

Easiest way is closing the pit, but we have no intentions sending those people away. I can assure them they will have their jobs in a way. What exactly, in what capacity, what depth, in which pits, competent professionals will decide. We already have concrete suggestions, but techno-economic analysis should always be included in order to see aspects of technical possibilities and profitability, and most important aspect of miners’ safety. After including all these elements, we will come to concrete solution. In consultation with the Union and management of the mines, we will go into realization of that solution, as soon as possible, and invest certain amount of money in order to get things done, Grabovica emphasized.

President of FBIH miners’ Union, Sinan Husic stated that investing 157 million KM in mines is very important. However, this amount is not enough, taking into account wide diversity of mining activity, large number of mines, and time period in which investments took place, the Indicator reports.

Owing it to these investments, there are already mines that acquired conditions to become major, well organized mining areas like Kakanj, Breza and Gracanica with the average salary of 1250KM. However, we have certain places we haven’t reached all the way, like Raspotocje and Stranjani, with most severe working conditions in BIH. Lately, we have specific problems in RMU Djurdjevik’s pit that needs to be approached in the next period, stated Husic.