Croatia: Power utility HEP is prospective buyer of A2A’s equity share in Montenegro EPCG energy company

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Italian company A2A, strategic partner with Montenegrin Government in Electric power industry of Montenegro (EPCG) is considering selling their equity share (41, 7%) in that company.

According to findings of daily press Dan from Podgorica, Electric power industry of Croatia – HEPs is mentioned as a prospective buyer.
Journalists from Dan, wrote that they couldn’t get official responses from HEP, Montenegrin Government, EPCG, A2A. However, that information was confirmed by Vasilije Milickovic, President of association of minority shareholders.

‘’This way, A2A is trying to escape from criminal charges and investigations launching which are going to affirm they are illegitimate owners. Since they are aware that A2A didn’t fulfil requirements for competing in the process of EPCG’s privatization, this is a logical reaction: running away before it is discovered they are not legitimate owners, says Milickovic, adding that he is surprised that they haven’t done this earlier that is selling their shares to someone that might look like strategic partner.

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