Bosnia: Questionable construction of new TPP unit 7 in “Tuzla”, talks with Chinese investors on hold?

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It is not known when or whether Construction of Block 7 in Thermal Power Plant “Tuzla” will ever start. The “Electric Power Industry of BiH” has issued a public call for the selection of project partners in July this year. Nothing would be disputable if such partnership does exist in the legislation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In July this year, “Electric Power Industry of BiH” has issued a public call for the construction of Block 7 in the power plant Tuzla. The invitation stated that the project partner is required.

– The project partnership is a joint process of building something that does not exist – explains Managing Director of “Electric Power Industry of BiH”, Elvedin Grabovica.

As reported by the portal, the term “project partnership”, however, does not exist in BiH legislation. So the question is logical – on what basis the “Electric Power Industry of BiH” issued a tender?

Grabovica claims that it was done according to the Government’s decision and in a transparent manner. He relied on the decision of the previous Government of the Federation, which defined that the new energy facilities can be built only on the basis of a strategic partnership. The term of Grabovica – “project partnership” – is not mentioned. The current FBiH Government has not given any approval for the implementation  of the project Block 7.

The partners should be selected by March 2014. Director of the “Electric Power Industry of BiH” Elvedin Grabovica already was at the negotiations in China.

Source; Serbia Energy See desk

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