Bosnia: All quotas for solar power plants booked until 2020

, SEE Energy News

According to the data published by the Operator for renewable energy sources and efficient cogeneration (OIEiEK), all quotas for solar energy have been booked, meaning that investors who planned to build solar power plants in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) will have to wait until 2020.

OIEiEK’s data show that only 6 kW of installed capacity in solar energy will be available in 2020. Due to this situation, media started speculating on irregularities in the process of quota allocation. The law on the usage of renewable energy sources and efficient cogeneration stipulates mandatory purchase of electricity produced by micro facilities at preferential prices, namely solar power plants with installed capacity between 2 and 23 kW, which cost is below 35,800 euros. Main reason for this decision was to encourage as many investors in renewable energy as possible.

At the current prices, such investment pays off after four to five years, after which the investor starts accumulating profit. According to the law, period of mandatory electricity purchase lasts for 12 years, after which, micro facility is entitled to a guaranteed purchase of produced electricity at the referent price.