Bosnia: The wind farm in Visoko sales all generated electricity to “Electric Power Utility of BiH”

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The construction of wind farms has begun at several locations in Bosnia and Herzegovina, whereby some have been already completed and put into operation. One of these wind farms is located near Visoko.

Bosnia and Herzegovina is one of the countries of South Eastern Europe, which seeks to implement the European energy directive which foresees reducing harmful gas emissions by 20% until 202o and 20 percent share of renewable sources in the total electricity production.

Besides, it is possible to achieve by the construction of wind farms and the company “Susa Commerce” from Visoko is operating in this type of industry.

– The one wind farm is built in the area of Visoko. Currently we have no plans to continue the construction of new wind farms, although the current set units are ready to be connected with several wind turbines – says Osman Susa, Director of the company.

He points out that wind farms in Visko is standalone unit which does not require the constant presence of staff.

– Annually planned production of electricity is 1,080 MW / h. All generated electricity is distributing in the network, and is being sold to “Electric Power Utility of BiH”- says Susa.

Source; Serbia Energy See Desk