Bosnia:German KfW bank supports energy utility company RES investments

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German development bank KfW has approved to “Elektroprivreda BiH” grant funding for technical assistance in projects of HPP “Kovanici”, HPP “Janjici” and the wind farm “Podvelezje”, totaling 1.42 million EUR.

For HPP “Kovanici” € 850,000 of the amount approved is planned for the preparation of the feasibility study, including a preliminary assessment of the impact on the environment and executing the necessary geological and other research activities. If studies show that the project is justified, KfW is ready to finance the construction of hydroelectric power plant, under favorable conditions.

For the assessment of environmental and social impacts and for research performance of zero state of fauna of the HPP “Janjici” 170,000 euros have been allocated. The feasibility study for the construction of HPP “Janjici”, which was also previously financed by KfW, proved the project to be justified and preparations are underway for its construction. Financing the construction of HPP “Janjici” is also planned from loan funds of KfW.

For a wind farm project in Podvelezje amount of EUR 400,000 is approved, intended for the research of zero state movement of birds and bats in wind farm project site, and involves the collection of data during 12 months (in the park and reference location) and counting of samples that can be considered representative of the full range of prevailing environmental conditions.

German development bank KfW has approved a loan of EUR 65 million for the construction of a wind farm “Podvelezje.” In order to these assets become operational, a consent is required from the institutions of BiH and FBiH, after which it can be accessed to the signing of the loan agreement and the project with KfW. In the near future it is expected to complete the approval procedure, which would allow signing a contract with KfW, said the Department of Communications EP BiH.

Source; Serbia Energy See desk/EPBiH

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