Bulgaria: April electricity production reached 3,848 GWh

, SEE Energy News

In April 2021 production of electricity in Bulgaria decreased by 9.4 %, compared to February, to 3,848 GWh, while consumption of electricity dropped by 14.4 % on monthly basis and amounted to 2,847 GWh, according to Bulgarian National Statistical Institute.

Consumption of natural gas in April 2021 decreased by 22 % and amounted to 294 million cubic meters, while its production remained the same as in the previous month and amounted to 3 million cubic meters. Compared to April 2020, production of electricity increased by 26.2 %, while its consumption rose by 10.4 %. Consumption of natural gas increased by 26.7 % compared to April 2020, while its production dropped by 25 %. In April, production of unleaded petrol decreased by 45.1 % and amounted to 62,000 tons, while its consumption increased by 40 % and amounted to 49,000 tons. Production of diesel in April decreased by 32.7 % compared to the previous month and amounted to 169,000 tons, while its consumption rose by 31.5 % and amounted to 217,000 tons. Consumption of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) decreased by 8.1 % and amounted to 34,000 tons, while its production also decreased by 28.6 % and amounted to 5,000 tons. In the same period, production of solid fuels decreased by 8.1 % to 1,846 thousand tons, while consumption of this energy resource also dropped by 8.7 % to 1,915 thousand tons.