Bulgaria: TPP Maritsa East 2 has been allocated an annual quota

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The Energy Ministry has received opinions from the directors of the National Electricity Company (NEK) and electricity transmission system operator ESO related to the need for ensuring the reliable operation, security and sustainability of the country’s electricity system which requires maintaining Maritsa East 2 in operation. Caretaker Minister of Energy Andrey Zhekov signed an order according to which, state-owned coal-fired thermal power plant Maritsa East 2 has been allocated an annual quota of 1 GWh of electricity on the regulated market between 1 July 2021 and 30 June 2022.

The setting of an annual quota for the coal-fired power plant is in response to that need. According to the Ministry, this is a short-term measure which will ensure the operation of plant in the next year and a smooth transition with a view to the environmental requirements and economic realities in relation to CO2 intensive producers. The transition to more environmental friendly industries in the Maritsa East complex will take place gradually and without social stress through the use of various instruments provided by the European Commission: National Recovery and Resilience Plan and the Just Transition Fund. Parallel to that, the Ministry of Energy has proposed for inclusion in the National Recovery and Resilience Plan projects for the gasification of industrial capacities in the region and projects for new generation capacities using renewable energy sources. This will provide a horizon for the development of the region in line with the challenges of the EU Green Deal and will have a positive impact on the operation of entire Bulgarian Energy Holding (BEH).