Bulgaria: Eastring gas interconnection with Slovakia

, SEE Energy News

Slovak Ambassador to Bulgaria Marian Jakubocy said that the proposed Eastring gas pipeline project could successfully solve the problem with the diversification of gas supply sources.

Jakubocy pointed out that Eastring gas pipeline will connect two very important gas markets, German and Turkish, and could transport natural gas both ways. He further explained that Bulgaria will have a number of new gas supply sources besides Russia, as deliveries could originate from Turkey or Germany, but also from Poland as soon as it completes the gas interconnection with Slovakia.

About a month ago, Slovak natural gas transmission system operator Eustream and its Bulgarian counterpart Bulgartransgaz have signed a Memorandum of Understanding regarding the project for the construction of Eastring gas pipeline. According to the signed memorandum, both operators will support the Eastring pipeline project and agreed to cooperate in the drafting of analysis and evaluations, which will be later used in the decisionmaking process.

Eastring project envisages the construction of gas pipeline, connecting Slovakia and Turkey via Ukraine, where connection point will be near Bulgarian border. Length of the pipeline would be 570 kilometers, with a capacity of 20 billion cubic meters annually (in both directions). Cost of the project is estimated to 750 million euros, since parts of existing routes would be used and it is planned to be completed by 2020. Through first phase of the project, natural gas can be transported to the Balkan region from western gas hubs, such as Baumgarten in Austria, German NCG and Gaspool, or Italian PSV, transmits Serbia-energy.eu