Bulgaria, Enough natural gas has been secured for the winter season

, SEE Energy News

Bulgarian caretaker Minister of Energy Rossen Hristov said that enough natural gas has been secured for the winter season.

Minister Hristov said that volumes for mid-term supply are already secured and now the price is negotiated, adding if lower price is achieved, that will allow Bulgaria to reduce gas extraction from its Chiren storage, thus keeping the price lower and keeping more Chiren gas in reserve.

He added that the Government is working with the legal team on all cases related to the gas supply contract with Russian Gazprom: both on Bulgaria’s claims and on Russia’s counterclaims. He said that Russia’s suspension of gas supplies to Bulgaria in April 2022 forced this country to buy gas at considerably higher prices.

Bulgaria owes about 10 million dollars to Gazprom for gas that has been delivered and is not paid.