Bulgaria: NPP Kozloduy signed four contracts for various repairs

, SEE Energy News

The contracts are worth 29.3 million euros combined. Bulgarian sole nuclear power plant Kozloduy said that it has signed four contracts for various repair works during the upcoming regular annual maintenance if its two units. The statement from the plant said that the largest contract is signed with local company Atomenergoremont and is worth around 16.5 million euros. The second contract, worth 7.9 million euros, is signed with a consortium consisting of Montazhi-Co, Esco Engineering and Enpro Consult. The third and fourth contract were signed with Dietsmann Energoremont Holding (2.3 million euros) and a consortium consisting of Dietsmann Energoremont Holding, Atomstroy and Esco Engineering (2.7 million euros).

NPP Kozloduy said previously that it has signed three similar contracts worth a combined 3.7 million euros in late March.

NPP Kozloduy took its 1,000 MW unit 5 offline for regular annual maintenance on 11 April. The overhaul, which includes replenishing nuclear fuel and testing of the plant’s systems and equipment, is expected to be completed in the second half of May, when the unit will be put back online. In the meantime, unit 5 is operating at full capacity.