Bulgaria: Power market for mid-voltage consumers speeds up, competition race for clients between CEZ, EVN and Energo-Pro

11. July 2013. / SEE Energy News

Consumers of mid-voltage electricity should select a power distributor from the free market over the next three months. Otherwise, they will be subscribed to a so-called last instance distributor,” said Ivanka Dilovska, energy expert and chairperson of the management board of the Energy Management Institute.

“Bulgaria’s State Energy and Water Regulatory Commission (SEWRC) has issued licenses to five last-instance distributors. These are the three district power distribution companies operating in Bulgaria – CEZ, EVN and Energo-Pro; ERP-Zlatni Pyasatsi and the National Electricity Company (NEK), which will deal with electricity supply to clients, who do not have the right to purchase electricity from regulated market,” Dilovska explained.

Dilovska added that the final deadline for consumers to select a power distributor is October 2013.

Power liberalization in Bulgaria is speeding up and presence of referenced competitors will influence the prices of services for consumers.

Source;Bg medias/Serbia Energy See desk

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