Bulgaria: Producers with installed capacity above 5 MW to trade through IBEX

, SEE Energy News

The Independent Bulgarian Energy Exchange (IBEX) announced that the amendments to the Rules for operation of the Centralized Market for Sale/Purchase of Electricity through Bilateral Contracts (CMBC), according to which every transaction with electricity on the liberalized electricity market, concluded with producers with total installed capacity of over 5 MW, should be conducted through the energy exchange, will come into force on 9 January.

These amendments are the result of the amendments to the Energy Act that were adopted by the Bulgarian Parliament on 13 December 2017. This rule will be applicable also for the plants, which are included in the quota for the regulated market by Bulgaria’s Energy and Water Regulatory Commission (KEVR). However, this will be applicable for their energy production in excess of the quantities for the regulated market.

The rule covers the production for renewable energy sources (RES) as well, but only after reaching their effective working hours, which are defined by the regulator. The RES power plants receive preferential prices for their highly effective production. The rule will be applicable for the cogenerations too, but not including their high effective production.