Bulgaria: RES producers endanger electric power system

, SEE Energy News

Renewable energy creates a serious imbalance in the power system, and if they continue to work without respecting plans, will suffer financial penalties. This is acknowledged by Deputy Energy Minister, John Ajolov. He said that by 2015 the country will have to close down many of the conventional facilities, and those who do not have the opportunity to be compensated with energy from renewable sources. Because of this, there are different variants for the rehabilitation of existing buildings and new constructions.

In terms of managing the electric power system, we have reached the situation to regulate capabilities of nuclear unit of 1000 MW. We need to stop thermal blocks, or to keep them to a minimum regime, and the next day in the morning to keep them to a minimum, and in the evening to again use the maximum, because production of photovoltaic panels in August was reaching 900 MW at noon, and when reaching the peak of evening consumption, it was gone. The same situation is with wind generators – said Ajolov.

According to him, the government’s intention is to find ways to compensate for production of renewable energy.

Source; Serbia Energy See desk

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