Serbia mining;Copper company overhaul repairs and new sulfuric acid complex

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They should also complete the parts of the factory for the production of sulfuric acid.

Replacement of refractory bricks and repair of pipeline are underway, and to the planned dynamics of works, the first anode after overhaul should be produced on 16 October, while the sulfuric acid plant put into operation two days earlier.

RTB Bor has set aside approximately EUR 700,000 for the repair of aggregates.

“According to the plan, overhaul will last exactly 15 working days, counting Saturdays and Sundays. Given that the weather is nice, I expect all works to be completed by October 12. Then follows batching of smelting furnaces and commissioning, and the first anode we expect by October 16,” said Boban Todorovic to Tanjug, director of Smeltery and Refinery Bor.

About 300 workers are currently on site, part from RTB Bor, and part from 25 companies that are subcontractors.

“We have taken, as always, all measures to protect the workers and what is most important to us is that so far there was no injuries of the workers, so I expect that it will be like that up to the completion of repair. Overall value of the works is 40 million dinars and 320,000 euros , “said Todorovic.

According to him, along with the completion of works in the smelter , it is also expected to complete the overhaul of the old factory of sulfuric acid, which is supposed to be ready for operation up to 14 October.

“On the basis of dynamic plans to build a new smelter and sulfuric acid plant, which should be completed by the middle of next year, we expect that the old smelter will just be minor work until then,” Todorovic said.

“This repair is lower than the one which was the last year, and until commissioning of a new smelter there will be needed only minor interventions. The aim is to ensure the stable operation of the smelter, without delay, ” – they said in the Mining and Smelting Complex.

Source; Serbia Energy