Croatia announced a call for RES electricity production for self-consumption

, SEE Energy News

Croatian Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development has announced a call for proposals for the allocation of funds for the Production of Electricity from Renewable Sources in Processing Industry and Heating program worth 60 million euros.

The non-refundable amount that can be awarded per project proposal ranges from 100,000 to a maximum of 2 million euros. Applicants can have multiple projects, and the maximum amount that can be obtained by one applicant is 4 million euros.

The aim of the call is for companies to produce their own energy, thereby reducing dependence on energy purchases from the market and energy costs. Through the implementation of this call, the goal is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (60,000 tons of CO2 annually), increase energy production from renewable sources (80 MW), save energy (140,000 MWh annually), and increase energy storage capacity (20 MWh).

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