Croatia: By 2018 almost 1200MW will have to be shut down because of emission directive

, SEE Energy News

Croatia will to miss the energy to start production in five years, and construction of new capacities is not far advanced, experts have warned.

Because of the new standards or limited emissions values, TPP Sisak and Rijeka, Plomin 1, TPP-HP Osijek and some other, smaller must stop working from the first day of 2018th, – there will go off in a total of 1,200 MW.

Croatian experts wonder how and with what money Croatia would compensate the lost importing domestic production.

By 2020th, even 1,200 MW of power installed in old power plants has to come out from the drive, whereby the Croatian Electric Power (HEP) has a total capacity of 3,654 megawatts.

In addition, over the next five years, with economic recovery, there will also grow demand for energy, so calculations say that Croatia is missing a total of approximately 2,000 megawatts of generating capacity.

The negotiations between HEP and Japanese Marubeni on building Plomin C late and there will not be an contract before the autumn, then that construction of HPP Ombla near Dubrovnik “is at never longer stick”, investments in gas thermal power plants in Osijek is also in its infancy, and citizens in Ploce opposed a coal thermal power plant.

Experts point out that all along, even if it is implemented on time – it will not be enough to compensate the 1,200 MW of electricity from power plants that must cease to operate in the next five years, with another 1,000 megawatts, as many new capacities will be needed due to increased consumption.

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