Croatia: Competition reacted on HEP’s intention for prices’ decrease, RWE and Gen-I confident in their market positioning

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Both RWE Energija and Gen-I will keep announced discounts on electricity price.

Competition i.e. RWE Energija and Gen-I that don’t want to give up in battle for buyers also advertised as a reaction to HEP’s request for electricity price decrease by 6 to 7 percent.

Director of RWE Energija, Zoran Milsa said that their announced discounts will be in preparation for new HEP’s price in order to remain competitive. “Our discounts on valid price of the biggest supplier remain effective and nothing will change there”, Milsa said and added that this company attracted around 2.000 buyers.

Gen-I also published to have attracted 4.000 buyers so far claims that their offer will remain the most profitable at the market after eventual HEP’s price decrease. Considering that HEP didn’t announce more affordable offer for entrepreneurship, Slovenian company is assured that their offer is still the most attractive in this segment. Minister of Economy, Ivan Vrdoljak said that electricity prices will determine market in the future so he is sure that HEP will manage the biggest part of the market.

Source; Serbia Energy See desk