Croatia, Consecutive daily record on CROPEX intraday market

, SEE Energy News

On 19 January, CROPEX intraday market achieved its highest daily traded volume so far. Total traded volume, traded in 2,904 separate trades, was 12,275.3 MWh with volume-weighted average price of 149.3 euros/MWh.

Previous record was set a day earlier, with the total traded volume of 9,133.7 MWh and volume- weighted average price of 124.4 euros/MWh.

Highest hourly volume was traded for 23rd hour in amount of 898 MWh, while the lowest traded sum of 306.7 MWh was traded for 8th hour.

With maximum and minimum prices for a single transaction of 217.67 euros/MWh and 85.69 euros/MWh respectively, the lowest volume- weighted average price was 12.38 euros/MWh for 5th hour and highest 231.57 euros/MWh for 18th hour.

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