Croatia: Construction of cogeneration plant in Gospic soon to be completed

, SEE Energy News

According to the contractor, all construction works on the cogeneration power plant in Gospic in the Lika region should be completed in December, after which a technical inspection will be performed.

This is an investment worth over 20 million euros.

The new biomass power plant in Gospic, developed by the Czech company GEEN Holding, has installed capacity of 5 MW. Within this project, an additional plant is being built – a dryer, intended for drying wood chips, which will increase the efficiency of cogeneration. The produced electricity will be taken over by state-owned power utility HEP, while the thermal energy will be primarily used for the needs of the technological process (biomass drying), and the heating of the city of Gospic. This will be the third biomass power plant built by GEEN in Croatia.

Last December, GEEN Holding has commissioned its second biomass-fired combined heat and power plant in Croatia. The facility, in which the Czech company invested 39 million euros, is located in Zupanja in eastern part of the country and has output of 8 MW in heat and 4.96 MW in electricity. The plant has been commissioned following a successful trial operation and is expected to generate up to 40 GWh of electricity per year by burning wood chips and pellets. GEEN’s first biomass-fired plant in Croatia was commissioned last year in Benkovac. The company plans to open a third such facility in the country. The total investment in the three plants should be around 120 million euros, while the estimated annual revenue from the investment is expected to amount to 24 million euros.