Croatia: Croatia reached 0.5 GW in installed RES capacities

, SEE Energy News

According to the Croatian electricity market operator HROTE, in mid-April there were a total of 1,276 facilities which produce electricity from renewable energy sources (RES), which are also registered as eligible electricity producers in Croatia, while the combined power output reached 531.23 MW.

Non-eligible power producers which produce electricity for their own needs (mainly solar power) could be added to this number, but it is almost negligible as it amounts to less than 1 MW. Solar power plants are the most popular RES facilities in Croatia, with the total number of 1,214 facilities and combined power output of 44.98 MW. The total number of RES facilities includes ten biomass power plants (24.59 MW power output) and 18 biogas power plants (21.93 MW). There are also eight small hydropower plants with installed power of 2.98 MW.

Regarding the power output, wind power is in the lead with the installed capacity of 417,95 MW from 19 winds farms. At the end, there are two plants on landfill gas and gas from wastewater treatment plants with power output of 5.5 MW and five cogeneration facilities with combined power output of 13.29 MW.

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