Croatia: Crodux to start 600MW CHP plant construction

, SEE Energy News

Energy company Crodux Energetika decided for investment in construction of combined co-generation gas plant in area of Slavonski Brod which is more than 450 million EUR worth – it was stated from Crodux Energetika.

Planned plant of 600 MW represents the newest, high-effective solution because it uses the best possible available technology with total level of influence of 68% – it is said in statement.

Project documentation is finished at the biggest part but projecting of connection to main infrastructure is in progress so location license’s issuance is being expected until the end of 2013 and the beginning of construction in the first half of 2014 after construction license issuance.

Land in area of Slavonski Brod, Lucka’ Administration where construction was  planned is completely prepared for construction and all preparation and research works have been prepared so possibility of connecting to electricity, gas and water transmission lines, channel, road and railway is provided.

Crodux Energetika says that project is presented to the Ministry of Environment and Nature Protection and to local community where it was recognized as general social useful and in accordance with the orders of sustainable development.

Study of Environment Estimation and technology-technical solution are finished so the request for conduction of certain procedure of determining unique conditions for environmental protection with procedure of environmental influence procedure- it is said in the statement.

Source; Serbia Energy See desk/Crodux