Croatia: Danfoss & Siemens did not influenced former Minister of Energy

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Vice-President of former rulling party HNS and former Economy Minister Ivan Vrdoljak said on Tuesday that the feasibility study for the introduction of thermal energy distributor was not made because the professional services of the Ministry of Economy estimated that it is not necessary, and rejected the suspicion that employees of the Ministry were bribed by companies Danfoss and Siemens and said that the reputation of these companies should be protected.

It was said that the employees of the Ministry of Economy, HERA and HEP were a way and that they were bribed by Danfoss and Siemens, said Vrdoljak, adding that it is not good for the investment climate.

“This are serious companies and for world investors it will be a reason to escape from Croatia because someone remembered to call them corrupt. I believe that it would not be well taken neither by the prime minister nor the current minister of economy,” he said.

“I’m sure that German Chancellor Angela Merkel did not call me and ask for help for Siemens. If something is wrong in this business, then the new government and the Minister should make it better, but do accuse anyone of corruption because you are doing bad for the country”  Vrdoljak told reporters.

To the observation of journalists that two months before the enactment of the law that regulates the use of dividers it was confirmed from those two companies that they paid for travel and accommodation expenses for employees of the Ministry of Economy, among others, Vrdoljak said that should be a question for Danfoss or Siemens, and that he neither went or knew that his subordinates were going on this trip.

At the request to review the law on dividers after one year of application, especially in the light of dissatisfaction of the number of citizens who felt the ncrease in the cost of heating, Vrdoljak replied that this is a very complex issue, as well as some other issues related to energy efficiency.

The question is who will bear the burden in the distribution of thermal energy which is a social category. Losses in HEP ​​are piling up at the level of 26 to 40 million euro a year, and we must decide how we will handle it. All tenants should participate, because in some buildings it gave good results, says Vrdoljak.

Commenting on the creation of the new budget, Vrdoljak said that it is not a problem to save a few billion, but to send a message about behavior change. On the allegation made by journalists that unions will not support savings that would mean a further reduction in wages and workers’ rights, Vrdoljak said that the changes do not apply only to possible savings on salaries and pensions, but it can be modifications in the business environment, tax policy, speed of decision making and the realization of strategic projects.
“I would like to see that serious thought are given to realize industrial strategy without affecting the operational programs which bring industrial growth and employment, and therefore export, that sufficient funds are provided for it, and that we managed to save in some other niches, which are primarily expenses, “Vrdoljak said, transmits

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