Croatia, Electricity prices for Croatian households will increase

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As of 1 April, electricity prices for Croatian households will increase, but due to the Government’s set of measures, the hike will be much lower than initially expected.

The measure affect some 2 million residential consumers in public supply service offered by state -owned power utility HEP. This is about 90 % of total residential consumers in Croatia.

The price of electricity will be increased by 9.6 % on average as of 1 April, which means that the bill for a consumer with average consumption will be increased by some 3.6 euros.

In mid-February, Croatian Government adopted a set of measures to mitigate the effect of rising energy prices, including the reduction of VAT on electricity to 13 %. Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic said that the price for households should be increased by 9.6 %, adding that the increase would amount to 23 % if the measures weren’t introduced, because the price of electricity on the exchanges quadrupled in the past year.

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