Croatia: Electricity trader GEN-I continue increasing market share

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From the active entry into the Croatian market, GEN-I doo Zagreb again and again proves that it is able to offer the best price of electricity supply. Company, thanks to operations in 18 markets energy in Central and Eastern Europe and the lease transfer options across the borders of all states, is able to achieve a global optimization of supply routes, and this is reflected in the competitive purchase prices.

GEN-I doo Zagreb is the largest supplier of electricity, right after HEP, with the supply of more than 11,000 measuring stations in Croatia. In the segment of large and medium-sized enterprises, the company supplies more than 100 large and medium-sized businesses and public organizations with total annual consumption of 500 million kWh, which represents a market share of 10% in this segment.

Companies in sectors of tourism, trade and industry, by switching to GEN-I quickly achieve savings of half a million kunas a year. On average, the savings in the trade range from 7 to 12%, in industry from 9 to 13%, while the tourism sector from 10 to 14%.

These benefits are recognized already by many companies, such as Konzum, Tisak, Plodine, TDR, Uljanik and city authorities in Zagreb, Samobor, Velika Gorica, Jastrebarsko, Novska, Rijeka, Vinkovci, as well as institutions such as universities, student centers and other.

This list of users will soon be joined by 35 ministries and state administration offices in Croatia. The State Commission for Supervision of Public Procurement has recently confirmed the bid validity of the company GEN-I doo Zagreb, which was selected for the winning bidder to supply electricity on the public tender issued by the National Office for Central Procurement. The offer which was made by GEN-I doo Zagreb ​​in the tender amounted 93 million kunas without VAT or even 16 million less than the estimated value of the procurement.

Source; Serbia Energy See desk

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