Croatia: Energy company HEP lost another big client and Gen-I takes over, 100MW to be purchased from new supplier

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Aluminij arranged electricity delivery with Slovenian Gen-I. HEP won’t sell electricity to Mostar’s Aluminij anymore. The contract for purchase and sale of 100 MWH/h of electricity for the period from 1 August until 31 December 2013 was signed between Aluminij d.d. Mostar and Slovenian Company Gen-I.

It was signed by member of Gen-I Administration Director Gen-I Robert Golob, member of Gen-I Administration Igor Koprivnikar and Director of Aluminij, Ivo Bradvica, in Administration building of Aluminij and this contract arranged electricity purchase at lower price until the end 2013 with the reference to the one Aluminij paid in previous period.

Total Aluminij’s annual needs are 225 MWH of electricity and contingent of 100 MWH/h has been bought from Hrvatska Elektroprivreda but this contract needed to be changed after Croatia’s EU accession so it became unprofitable for Aluminij. It is the question of 100 MWH/h of electricity is solved until the end of next year and Mostar’s factory has made contract with HZ Herceg-Bosna’s Elektroprivreda for the rest 125 MWH/h- it is stated from Aluminij.

Source; Serbia Energy See desk/Aluminij