Croatia exclusive: RWE Energy will occupy 10 % of the Croatian market by the end of 2016th says country director

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A year after the start of a successful RWE business in the segment of electricity offer to households, the company has taken about 5 percent of the electricity market in Croatia, namely more than 75. 000 households and 2.500 businesses chose RWE as its new electricity supplier.

Among the active electricity suppliers in the market, 3 of 4 households which have changed their supplier chose RWE. According to the set business plans, RWE plans to reach 10 percent of the electricity market in Croatia by the end of 2016th.

In 2013th RWE achieved 9.223.745 MEUR, while in the first six months of 2014th it was realized 14.494.457 MEUR of revenue. So far they have invested considerable resources in the business development and the employment of large numbers of employees. RWE created over 400 new jobs in Croatia.

– RWE thanks each of the 75.000 users in Croatia which in the first year of operation on the Croatian market chose a reliable supply and lower prices. Our entry into the market prompted the decline in prices for all customers, because the competition appeared. In the meantime, market competition will lead to an increase in service quality and innovative products. Customers in Croatia will benefit from RWE’s leading position of European energy supplier that supplies 24 million customers with electricity and gas”, said Karl Kraus, executive director of RWE Croatia.
– We have surpassed initial expectations with the results and we imposed as a leader in market trends. So far we have been positioned as a serious and reliable supplier that offers the best service to the Croatian consumers, and our aim is to keep this way and to continue to develop also other benefits and services for homes and businesses. Also, in order that all market participants can fully meet its business strategy, it is necessary the bylaws adoption as soon as possible – General conditions of supply, the Regulations on supplier change and Market rules that completely define the market competition”, said Chairman of the RWE Energy Board, Zoran Milisa.

When it comes to the electricity sale, the problem still is the lack of a single account, then poor consummation metering and data management, and, of course, the absence of bylaws and regulations (Market Rules, General conditions of supply and Regulation about changing supplier).

– The regulation reflects the business climate. The money does not go where it is safe and foreign investors constantly watch what the market rules are. If regulation does not improve, it creates a negative business climate, and this has an impact also on economic growth and employment – concluded Milisa.

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