Croatia: GE Alstom Power start DeNox facility installation on HEP’s TPP Plomin

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The works on the installation of DeNOx equipment for separation of nitrogen oxides from the flue gas at Croatian 210 MW coal-fired thermal power plant Plomin 2 has started.

This is a crucial investment that will allow that as of 1 January 2018, gas emissions from TPP Plomin 2 should be in line with the emission limit values according to the EU directives. After the installation of DeNOx facility, TPP Plomin 2 emissions will be reduced below 80 mg/Nm3 , which is far below the limit value of 200 mg/Nm3 , as prescribed by the Industrial Emissions Directive (IED).

In late 2014, HEP announced that they will install the unit for reducing the emission of nitrous oxides in the atmosphere (DeNOx) on TPP Plomin 2 by 2017. The installation of this unit will cost 17.3 million euros, and will be procured and installed by the consortium of Alstom Power Italia and Alstom Croatia, today known as General Electric (GE) Croatia. The works should be completed in August 2017.

Director of TPP Plomin 2 Mihajlo Mirkovic said that the completion of DeNOx facility will enable the plant to significantly limit the emissions of nitrogen oxides and thereby reduce their impact on the environment. The technology that will be used in DeNOx facility is based on a selective catalytic reaction, in accordance with the best EU practice and European guidelines on best available techniques.

Earlier this month, General Electric Power Services has been contracted by the Croatian state-owned power utility HEP to modernize TPP Plomin 2 worth 9.5 million euros. The modernization of the plant envisages enhancing the plant’s heat rate, increasing its power output, lowering its maintenance and operational costs, and the extension of the operational life of steam turbine. According to the statement from General Electric, modernization works are expected to start in May 2017 and will be completed in July of the same year.