Croatia: HEP plans investments in RES, hydropower and gas-fired cogeneration

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Speaking at the energy conference in Zagreb, Croatian Minister of Environmental Protection and Energy Tomislav Coric said that the country needs more investments in the energy sector, pointing out the unused hydrocarbon potential and measures for reducing energy consumption.

According to Minister Coric, one of the priorities is still the construction of LNG terminal on the island of Krk, and the production of electricity from renewable energy sources (RES) should be further increased. He pointed out that current energy situation in Croatia is not satisfactory because the country is too dependent on imports, importing about 40 % of its electricity, 40 % of its gas and 80 % of its oil needs. He added that new law on hydrocarbons should be adopted soon, followed by the new tender for hydrocarbons exploration concessions.

Member of the Management Board of state-owned power utility HEP, Petar Sprcic said that the company is currently implementing the project for revitalization of its hydropower plants and increasing their power output by 150 MW. HEP is also planning to start the implementation of several projects, such as the construction of HPP Kosinj, revitalization of TPP Plomin 1, construction of new units at CHPP Zagreb and CHPP Osijek, the project which was abandoned by the previous HEP’s management. Sprcic also said that HEP plans to add renewable energy in its portfolio, primarily wind and solar power plants.