Romania and Bulgaria among least energy imports dependent countries in EU

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According to data published by the Eurostat, Romania and Bulgaria are among the EU member states that were least dependent on energy imports in 2016.

With only 22.3 % of its energy needs imported, Romania is placed third in the European Union, while Bulgaria met about 40 % of its energy needs through import in 2016, despite the fact that the country is heavily dependent on Russian natural gas imports.

Estonia was the least energy imports dependent EU member state with 6.8 %, followed by Denmark with 13.9 %, Romania 22.3 %, Poland 30.3%, Sweden 31.9 % and the Czech Republic with 32.8 %. On the other hand, Malta imported all of the energy it consumed in 2016, Cyprus imported 96.2 %, Luxembourg 96.1 %, Italy 77.8 %, Lithuania 77.4 % and Belgium 76 %.

The EU average in 2016 stood at 53.6 %. Slovenia and Croatia were just little shy of that number, while Greece imported over 70 % of its energy needs in 2016.