Croatia: How will the price of balancing energy be determined?

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Croatian Energy Regulatory Agency reported on the start of the public hearing on the proposed methodology changes in the price determining for the balancing energy calculation to the entities responsible for the deviation. In line with this, all the entities are invited and also interested and expert public to submit their comments, opinions or statements. A public hearing will be held in the period of 28.7. – 08/27/2014.

Otherwise, HERAadopted the aforementioned proposal and in accordance with Article 11, paragraph 2, item 3 of the Law on the Regulation of Energy Activities (OG 120/2012) and it anticipates introduction of the following changes:

• Price coefficient of balancing energy for the positive deviation is reduced from 1.4 to 1.2, while the price coefficient of balancing energy for negative deviationsincreases from 0.6 to 0.8

• The maximum value of the tolerance threshold in the calculation interval is reduced from 20 to 15 MW h

• New tolerance threshold value of variation indicators in the accounting period is 0.4 and the maximum value of the coefficient correction of the positive and negative variation in the accounting period is 0.7.

Details on how to submit proposals, criticisms and suggestions, and all required documents can be found on the HERAwebsite.

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