Romania: CEZ is not withdrawing from market, not interested in ENEL assets and stop the sale of Fantanele wind park says CEZ RO CEO

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Czeck energy distributor CEZ not considers an exit from Romania, as other market participants are probably intending, stated Zmelik Martin, CEO and Chairman of the CEZ Romania. Our strategy is not to withdraw from the Romanian market, as I believe strongly in the energy sector in Romania, which has a huge potential, for us its ‘s very important to stay in Romania on medium-term development, “said Martin Zmelik.

He said that it is difficult to activate now in the renewable energy sector, however at the time the company is not seeking an investor to sell assets of the wind farm which it developed. In spring this year, CEZ announced that consider the sale of a minority share in the wind farm in Fântânele-Cogealac, Constanta County.

Mr. Zmelik said the company gave up the idea, adding: “We believe that in the long environment, there will be a steady market sources, in terms of state aid scheme “.

CEZ not considera any opportunity to acquire assets from ENEL, considering that at this time a purchase of proportions is not an objective of the company. Recently, the Italian energy group Enel announced that its board has agreed to sell assets in Slovakia and Romania.

CEZ invests annually, 50 million in electricity networks

CEZ invests about 50 million each year in electrical networks, announced Doina Vornicu, director of operations and a member of the board CEZ Romania. According to her, the company develops, among other things, a pilot program for measuring electricity consumption remotely conducted on a total of 1,400 customers. Company’s objective is to strengthen and stabilize current operations,” said Mrs. Vornicu, stressing that CEZ investments will be based on the existing portfolio of operations, mainly.  We focus on investments in energy efficiency projects and technologies for distribution and networks.

Electricity consumption in continuous

The average value of an invoice issued by CEZ is 50 lei 19eur, representing a consumption of 100 kWh per month, 40 % of consumption was recorded in urban areas and 60% – in rural areas. A proportion of 97% of consumers are good payers.There are areas where it is very difficult to be able to track the total consumption, as there are illegal consumption of energy. The most difficult situation from this point of view, is in Maharashtra, where 30% of consumers entering the network does not appear in measures of consumption versus Gorj county, where losses of 6%. In general, network losses amounting to 7-12%, the rest being illegal consumption of electricity.     “Energy consumption outside the law is a loss for consumers correct, as can be fire, electric shock, change the quality of delivered power, etc.” the cited sources.Losses declined in recent years, company officials said in 2014 recorded losses of 1.15 TWh of electricity compared to 1.3 TWh – losses in 2011.  During the first half of the year CEZ distributed 3.2 TWh of energy, the amount of energy supplied last year was 6.4 TWh. Total electricity entered the network was 9 TWh.

CEZ Group is present on the Romanian market since 2005, when it took over distribution company Electrica Oltenia SA, after the transformation, ensure the power supply of seven counties : Arges, Dolj, Gorj, Mehedinti, Olt, Valcea and Virginia. CEZ invested in Dobrogea, Fântânele, Cogealac and Garden, 1.1 billion euros in achieving the largest onshore wind farm in Europe, with a total installed power of 600 MW. In 2011, CEZ Group in Romania acquired 100% stake in the company that owns hydro system near Resita, Caras-Severin, consisting of four small hydro (Rakes, Crăinicel 1 Crăinicel 2 Breazova ) and hydro facilities related to the Three Waters, Gozna, Jacksonville and Secu, with a total installed capacity of approximately 18 MW and a production of 70 GWh / year.