Croatia, HROTE adopted the decision on the selection of the most favorable offers

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Croatian energy market operator HROTE adopted the decision on the selection of the most favorable offers for awarding market premiums.

Market premiums were awarded to local company Solektra for three solar power plants with combined capacity of 3,000 kW and to local company Java for a single 5,000 kW solar power plant.

Regarding small hydropower plants, local company Odeta was awarded premiums for a 1,250 kW SHPP project, while local company Male Hidre received premiums for SHPP Otocac with an installed capacity of 1,500 kW.

As for wind power, Acciona Energija obtained premiums for 45 MW Boraja II wind farm, while local company Vjetroelektrana Opor will receive them for its 33 MW wind farm Opor.

However, most projects were selected in the biogas category: a total of six projects with combined installed capacity of 7,740 kW.

In the category for project that use innovative technologies, local company AAT Geothermae was selected with its 10 MW geothermal power plant.

Three offers were deemed invalid: for 5 MW solar power plant, for 2.6 MW SHPP Peruca project (the offer was submitted by state-owned power utility HEP) and for 35 MW wind farm Ostrovica (submitted by local company BM Herba).

The tender was launched in mid-June with a total quota of 648 MW. However, only 19 offers, with combined capacity of around 150 MW, were received. HROTE will now sign a 12-year market premium agreement with the selected investors.

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