Croatia: Hydrocarbon exploration – INA to start 3D surveys in Slavonija

, SEE Energy News

The 3D seismic surveys on the territory of municipalities in Slavonija will be conducted as a part of hydrocarbon exploration activities. Croatian oil company INA will conduct these surveys and has informed inhabitants of these municipalities.

The activities will be conducted from mid-August until December this year. The survey will be conducted by a subcontractor – Polish company Geofizyka Torun under INA’s supervision.

In October 2018, Croatian Government adopted a decision on the launch of tender procedure for the issuance of oil and gas exploration and exploitation licenses for seven new onshore exploration perimeters. These are: Drava-03, Sava-06, Sava-07, Sava-11, Sava-12, Northwestern Croatia-01 and Northwestern Croatia-05.

Last year, the Government adopted a decision to award six hydrocarbon exploration and exploitation licenses for perimeters located in the northwestern part of the country to four companies. National oil company INA and local fuel retailer Crodux Derivati Dva will be granted two licenses each, while local subsidiary of Canadian Vermillion Energy and Hungarian company Aspect will receive one permit each. The perimeters are located in western Slavonija, within the Pannonian Basin.





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