Croatia, Increase in imports by 17 percent, to 900 GWh in November

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The net production of electricity in Croatia in November 2022 was 1,272 GWh, which is 6 percent less compared to November of the previous year, when the production was 1,354 GWh, according to data published by the Croatian State Bureau of Statistics.

In November last year, hydropower plants produced 546 GWh of electricity, and their share in the total production reached about 43 percent. Thermal power plants produced 395 GWh, or 31 percent of total electricity. Wind power plants produced 233 GWh in November, i.e. 18 percent of total electricity.

In November last year, Croatia imported 900 GWh, and imports increased by 17 percent compared to November 2021, with 770 GWh.

Electricity exports increased by 23 percent, from 581 GWh in November 2021 to 717 GWh in November 2022.

In November last year, 60 million cubic meters of natural gas were produced in Croatia, which is the same as last year. Imports of natural gas amounted to 268 million cubic meters, 40 percent more than in November 2021.

The production of crude oil decreased by 4 percent, to 45,000 tons, while the production of oil derivatives amounted to 30,000 tons. This is 4,000 tons less compared to the same month of the previous year, due to the overhaul of the Refinery in Rijeka.

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