Croatia: Mixed financial result of energy business actors in the market, Power utility HEP is recorder with a profit of 100 MEUR

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Entrepreneurs in the sector of electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supply increased positive consolidated financial results in 2013th for 224 MEUR or 318% compared to 2012th, reports the Financial Agency. In Croatia’s energy sector last year operated 743 business owners, they employed 15,045 workers, namely less than in 2012th, when they employed 16,024 workers.

With fewer employees, entrepreneurs in the electricity supply achieved higher revenue in 2013th, and to 4, 6 billion EUR compared to 4, 2 billion EUR as they achieved in 2012th. Absolutely the highest revenue achieved entrepreneurs in trade sector, but there are far more of them (26,342) compared to the number of businesses in the energy sector.

For comparison, 743 businesses in the energy sector realized an average income of 6 MEUR compared to 1MEURwhich is the average income of entrepreneurs in trade sector. When it comes to the profit, the highest profit achieved Croatian Electric Power Industry, 100 MEUR. According to the profit amount followed HEP Production of 78, 7 MEUR compared to a loss in 2012th of 818 thousand EUR. They are followed by HEP Distribution System Operator with 77, 7 MEUR of profit and Croatian transmission system operator with 46 MEUR of profit. Good financial results of firms in this sector mainly was determined by the four listed companies in 2012th that realized profit of 123, 7 MEUR, while profit in 2013th was 304 MEUR or 145% more than in the 2012th. Other companies have achieved significantly lower income, The First Steam Society of Vukovar achieved 10 MEUR (5th place at the ranking list in the business, for the profit) or 356 thousand EUR of profit, that recorded Nox Group from Varazdin (20th at the ranking list in business, according the profit after taxing). Slovenian electricity distributor GEN-I is not on the list of the 20 largest companies on the realized profit before taxing because in 2013th they achieved significantly lower income (15thousand EUR) compared to 2012th (449 thousand EUR).Their total revenue in 2013th amounted 92, 7 MEUR, and in 2012th 89, 8 MEUR. German distributor RWE Energy in 2013th operated with a loss of 1, 2 MEUR, although in 2013th had revenue of 9, 2 MEUR compared to 1, 7 MEUR in 2012th.