Croatia: New power plant Plomin might not move from coal to gas

15. April 2013. / SEE Energy News

Environment and Nature Protection Minister Mihael Zmajlovic told reporters in Pula on Saturday, speaking about the Plomin C thermal power plant, that it was more rational and more cost-effective not to change the coal infrastructure in Plomin but optimally use it, while protecting the environment and people’s health.

He said that if he had to choose between coal and gas, he would always choose the latter but that in the case of Plomin C it was better not to change the existing technology.

Speaking of Croatia’s energy development strategy, Zmajlovic said “we must be wise and combine different energy sources.”

He said every investment, technology and fuel impacted the environment but that there was technology that could minimise the impact of bad fuels, adding that when it came to new investment, his ministry insisted on using the newest technology, regardless of fuel.

Zmajlovic also said the new environmental protection law was aimed at enabling sustainable development and raising quality of life as well as creating coexistence between man and nature.

Source;Serbia Energy See desk/Cro government

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