Croatia: New TPPs and issues

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There are big problems in Croatia with the project for the TPP Ploče. The idea about this TPP has been old for several decades. In 2010, HEP made a proposition for new locations for TPPs’ construction and Ploče are mentioned as one of the most prospective locations for the construction of a TPP with two power units of 800 megawatts.

In recent version of the project, the port Ploče has founded the subsidiary company Luka Ploče Energije, which becomes the main proponent of TPP Ploče. In this version, the TPP would have a lower capacity, 600 megawatts. The value of this potential project has been estimated to 1.3 billion euros. The project was the subject of the severe political dispute on the local level and the conflict of opinions was forwarded to the state leaders, regarding the fact that the President of the Republic, Ivo Josipović, though in the middle of the election campaign, said that the plant in Ploče should not be built. According to the current situation, the citizens of Ploče will decide whether they want the plant or not in the referendum in the early next year.

They will have more luck with the project for TPP Plomin C with the capacity of 500 megawatts. HEP expects the negotiations with the preferred bidder, Marubeni, to be completed by the end of the year, so that the works can start during 2015 and the project completed in 2019. The investment value is more than 800 million euros.