Croatia: Oil terminal might be built in the Port of Split

, SEE Energy News

Along with other oil terminals in Croatia, Slovenia and Montenegro, this oil terminal would be the tenth terminal in the region. The Port of Split is preparing the construction of an oil terminal for receiving tankers and transporting oil by rail and trucks inland.

The terminal would consist of four tanks with a total capacity of 56,000 cubic meters in Split’s North Port and it would be the eighth such facility on the Croatian side of the Adriatic, including INA’s terminals in Bakar and Solin, which serve only the company’s own needs.

The Director of the Port of Split Jerko Bacic said that this is an infrastructure project of strategic importance and investment in highly profitable long-term assets of low risk profile. At the moment business plans are being harmonized, estimates of the business plan of revenues and profits are being made with risk assessment and the project’s financial structure is being worked out.

Bacic said that the period for the construction of such a facility is approximately two years from the issuance of all necessary certificates and permits from the competent authorities. The first estimates of the investment range from 20 to 26.5 million euros.

Thus, along with the largest and most widely known oil terminal in Omisalj on the island of Krk, and two terminals in Zadar and Ploce, the sixth commercial oil terminal should spring up on Croatia’s coast. Along with two INA’s terminal, and terminals in Koper in Slovenia and Bar in Montenegro, it would be the tenth oil terminal in the region.