Croatia plans the investment cycle, revitalization of hydro power plants Varazdin, Čakovec and Dubrava

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Head of Croatian Electric Power Industry Zlatko Koračević announced the revitalization of three hydro power plants on Drava – Varazdin, Čakovec and Dubrava today, and for the three projects they plan to spend between 150 and 200 million Euros.

During his visit to HPP Varazdin in the village Svibovec Koračević said that the system of hydro power plants, reservoirs and derivation channels was crucial in preventing large-scale damage to the flooded areas in Varazdin County and the city of Cakovec.

“If the three hydro power plants in this area were not prepared, and if we did not respond in a timely manner and open the spillways in this hydro power plant and let the water mass of 3300 cubic meters per second and drop it to 2200 to hydro power plant Čakovec, then dropped it to 1200 behind it, it would have almost certainly flood a larger area, starting from the Slovenian border and ending in Podravina and Koprivnica, “said Koračević.

He added that it is sad that Austria has 11 hydro power plants on Drava, Slovenia has 8, and we only have three, then he announced the revitalization of the power plant Varaždin worth about a hundred million Euros, which should be completed in the next four years.

“With this investment we are bringing back to shape a plant that has been operating for 40 years and increasing the power of the plant by about 18 percent. After this investment we will start the revitalization of hydro power plants Čakovec and Dubrava, where small interventions are needed because they are not that old” Koračević said.

Source Serbia Energy Magazine