Croatia: Power utility HEP to invest 273 MEUR in the revitalization of HPPs by 2019

, SEE Energy News

The RHE “Velebit”, only reversible hydro power plant in the Croatian power system, in which HEP will invest an additional 9 MEUR over the next five years, celebrated the 30th anniversary in the town of Obrovac in Croatia, it is stated on the official website of the “Croatian electric power industry.”

HEP, as the largest investor in green energy in Croatia, will invest around 273 MEUR in the rehabilitation of hydro power plants by 2019th , which represents a great opportunity for involvement of Croatian industry.

Only in RHE “Velebit”, in the last ten years, has been invested around 19 MEUR,and investments of about 9 MEUR are planned in the next five years, according to a statement.