Croatia: RES capacities within the support scheme exceeded 1 GW

, SEE Energy News

In 2022, 2.72 TWh of electricity was produced from domestic renewable energy facilities that are part of the RES support scheme, according to data published by Croatian energy market operator HROTE. EKO balance group significantly helped stabilise electricity prices throughout the year, as 60% of privileged producers’ production was sold to suppliers in Croatia at a regulated price of 55.743 euros/MWh.

However, some privileged producers left the support scheme in 2022 due to extreme electricity prices on the free market.

The total installed capacity of renewable energy facilities and cogeneration plants within the support scheme in 2022 was 1.039 GW.

The majority of privileged producers’ production comes from wind power plants (52%), followed by biomass power plants (23%) and biogas power plants (9%), while the share of cogeneration plants in total production was 10%.

Cogeneration plants with a total capacity of about 102 MW left the incentive system in 2022.  Four electricity purchase agreements expired last year, and 14 market premium contracts were concluded.

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